Caturday: British Bakes

We have brand new kittens so I’m a little tired. Forgive me if this is a mess. Anyway, this isn’t about those kittens. This is about the previous kittens. The British Bakes. We got a request for fostering a mama with three 6 day old kittens back in the beginning of February. We hadn’t been… Continue reading Caturday: British Bakes

I’m Back!

I’m not dead! I just sort of wanted to be for a bit there. If you’re wondering why I didn’t post at all last week or respond much to comments it’s not because I forgot about you, it’s because I had a migraine that lasted for 8 days. It’s really hard to write anything remotely… Continue reading I’m Back!

Felt-A-Thon: Tiny Bits

The penguin is nearly finished, all it needs now are eyes! That was a bit of a stumbling block for me though. From all the pictures I have seen of Emperor Penguins, their eyes seem to be invisible. Google it. I dare you to find those elusive penguin eyeballs. Even so, leaving the penguin eye-less… Continue reading Felt-A-Thon: Tiny Bits

WIP-Cracking Wednesday: The Black Hole

Ok, so I admit to procrastinating on the blog a bit lately. I had good intentions, honest! I kept telling myself “Hey wouldn’t it be great if I typed up my next WIP post early so I don’t end up forgetting about it when Wednesday rolls around?” So I would try to think of what… Continue reading WIP-Cracking Wednesday: The Black Hole


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I fully admit to being the type of person that carries around a fully-loaded pencil case. I should also admit that I have graduated from college. Having a pencil case probably doesn’t exactly help my cool factor, but when a friend is desperate for a ruler then I am the person…

I’m giving thanks a day late this year.

While most people will be out participating in the bloodsport that is Black Friday, I will be knitting. There is a Black Friday KALĀ in the Canon Hand Dyes group on Ravelry, and I am planning on making two pairs of socks. One pair for me, and one pair for my boyfriend. I am extremely thankful… Continue reading I’m giving thanks a day late this year.