WIP-Cracking Wednesday: The Black Hole

Ok, so I admit to procrastinating on the blog a bit lately. I had good intentions, honest! I kept telling myself “Hey wouldn’t it be great if I typed up my next WIP post early so I don’t end up forgetting about it when Wednesday rolls around?” So I would try to think of what WIPs I have going at the moment that might be blog-worthy. Then I realize that the only WIPs I haven’t covered yet are in THE BIN. IMG_0081

This is THE BIN. It’s my WIPs bin. It lives next to my chair in front of the TV which is where I do the majority of my knitting. Perfectly logical, right? Well, it would  be except that not all of the projects in there are at the knitting stage of development. In fact, many of the things in there are no longer projects at all, but the last remnants of projects past that I have failed to clean up. THE BIN has become a black hole of sorts into which all manner of craft-related things might end up if I’m too busy/lazy/tired to put it in its proper place. It’s really full of things that aren’t WIPs at all, and every time I try to find a WIP in there I’m reminded that I really should clean this thing out instead of work on another WIP that will only end up contributing to the chaos that is THE BIN. Then I end up NOT working on my WIPs because I really should be cleaning, but I don’t want to clean right now, so I just avoid the whole thing until the next time I happen to encounter THE BIN.


So, this week instead of digging through THE BIN to try to find a WIP to blog about, I figured I’d just clean out THE BIN so I can work on my WIPs in peace.

First I emptied it.


Once empty, I noticed it had a fair amount of cat hair and glitter in the bottom. The cat hair was obvious – with four cats in the house it’s bound to get everywhere – but the glitter? Seriously? My mom is a belly dancer, so she has glittery crap on her all the time, but I had no idea it had infiltrated my WIPs bin. It’s probably coating our lungs too for all I know.

I vacuumed the inside, which got rid of most of the glitter but didn’t seem to make a dent in the cat hair. I got out one of those sticky roller things to try to get the cat hair off, but it still wouldn’t budge. The cat hair seemed to have woven its way into the fabric. I went to fetch a more heavy-duty cat hair removal implement, but when I returned I found this:


Right. Never mind then. Moving on.

Here is all the stuff I had crammed into THE BIN.


A good portion of the contents were the remains of past projects.


Some of them were truly WIPs, though not all were at the knitting stage.


Then there was the random assortment of tools, books, swatches, etc. that managed to get sucked into the black hole.


First, I put away the obvious outliers in the bin. The books were re-shelved, the extra fiberfill was stored in my bedroom, and the bag of scrap yarn went back into the other black hole in my bedroom. We’re ignoring that black hole for now.

Then I started to tackle the ghosts of projects past. I emptied out each project bag and updated my project notes on Ravelry based on whatever jogged my memory.


I weighed the remaining yarn so I could update my stash. Some of the bags were pretty ripped up so I had to re-bag some of the yarn before I put it back into my yarn bins.


Here are all of the yarn remnants I had floating around in that bin:


I took all of the pattern print-outs from the old projects and put them in my pattern notebook. I take a lot of notes on the pattern pages as I work, so I always like to keep the working copies of the patterns in case I need to refer to my notes.


After going through all of the old project bags and pulling out all the needles, I gave them a quick wash before putting them away – I always try to wash my needles after finishing a project to get rid of any built-up residue that might make it harder for the yarn to slide across the needle.


I also liberated quite the pile of notions!


I came across some scraps in the old projects bags of varying lengths.


Instead of throwing them away, I donated them to my sister’s Never-Ending Frankenscarf. They should fit right in.


There were lots of swatches floating around in the bin – some associated with past projects, and some for future projects. I’m still not quite sure what to do with swatches…I feel like I want to keep them, but I haven’t figured out an orderly way to store them yet…for now they’re going into the other black hole.


Next I turned my attention to the actual WIPs, and I found this:


One of the cats had gotten into the bin and managed to snag a shawl through the bag. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS.

Upon closer examination it appears that a single ply of the yarn was snagged and snapped in two. Naturally, it’s on the front of the shawl, though it is near the bind-off edge. I could unravel the edge, cut out the damaged piece and re-knit it, but it’s a very looooong edge and that would be a LOT of re-knitting to do. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this without ripping back?


I set aside any projects that were past the knitting stage and was left with a much more manageable pile of WIPs. I put all of my Beekeeper’s Quilt stuff in the fabric project bag, there’s a single sock that will need to have some swatches frogged in order to produce a mate, the felted baby booties are going to be cut up into fun shapes when the mood hits me, my long-abandoned cross-stitching project is going to make a valiant attempt to compete with the knitting projects, and there’s a cowl, pair of mittens, and a pair of gloves in progress.


See? Now it’s not a black hole anymore! I can actually find things!


To prevent any future snagging incidents I put a folded rug over top of the projects in the bin.


The rug was supposed to go out in the blocking house so I could wipe my feet when I came in the door, but the second it entered the house one of the cats claimed it as a kitty bed.


She swears she didn’t have anything to do with the snagged shawl.

Now I can get back to knitting.

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