Photocalypse: A Twofer

Yesterday’s photo prompt was “ground” so I had this great idea that I would go out as the sun was setting and take a picture of the ground in some nice soft golden light. Then I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until it was dark out. Oops.

It rained today so I just took a picture of the wet fir-needle covered ground.

Staging and lighting: I walked outside a few paces, and pointed the camera at the ground. It was about 4:30 pm and it was actively raining. The sun was not visible.

Instagram edits: tilt-shift horizontally, lux, X-Pro II with border

Computer edits: cropped, enhanced, increased definition

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto

The Instagram version is way better. The tilt-shift adds so much depth to these kind of photos that the computer version really can’t compare. The more I rag on the lack of tilt-shift in iPhoto, the more I realize I probably should just find another editing program that has that function. Something that does borders too would be awesome.

Today’s prompt was “favorite tool” and there was no question what I would be photographing. I LOVE my Signature needles! They truly are the perfect needles. They are super smooth, but have just the slightest texture to the needle shaft so it grips the stitches. The points are perfectly smooth though so you can make your stitches quickly and easily. The joins on the circulars are the smoothest I’ve ever encountered and I’ve never had a cable tangle or get my way. They’re just PERFECT!

Staging and lighting: I decided to try the inner bathroom this time. There’s just an overhead light in there, but it’s a tiny room so the light doesn’t have to travel far to hit its mark. I wrapped all of my Signature circulars around the shower rod and stood on the edge of the tub to get the shot.


Instagram edits: tilt-shift horizontally concentrated along top of image, Amaro filter with border

Computer edits: cropped, enhanced, increased exposure a bit, increased blue


edited with iPhoto

I like the way the computer edit kept the shiny look of the metal needles, but the softness added to the Instagram with the filter is also a good look. They’re kind of mutually exclusive though…


I’m giving thanks a day late this year.

While most people will be out participating in the bloodsport that is Black Friday, I will be knitting. There is a Black Friday KAL in the Canon Hand Dyes group on Ravelry, and I am planning on making two pairs of socks. One pair for me, and one pair for my boyfriend.

I am extremely thankful that I will be able to knit these socks, because a few weeks ago it wouldn’t have been possible. All of my sock-knitting needles were in the computer bag that was stolen. That meant I couldn’t knit socks, hats, gloves, or any other small circumference item that required small needle sizes. When I posted about the theft in the forums on Ravelry, other knitters really GOT IT. I received a lot of moral support, which was very appreciated, but a few people went above and beyond words of comfort.

Two separate people messaged me offering to send me some of their needles! One had a stash of DPNs she was planning on getting rid of, and another had some circular needles she hardly used that were perfect for Magic Loop – a technique for knitting small circumferences in the round that I have never tried, but REALLY want to. Between the two of them, those wonderful Ravelers have replaced every single needle size that was lost, and I CAN KNIT SOCKS AGAIN!!

As if that wasn’t amazing enough, one day a surprise package showed up in the mail containing a set of 2.25mm Signature DPNs – which is the super expensive brand of needles that were stolen! Amy Lee Serradell, the talented dyer of Canon Hand Dyes, had sent them to me!

So, out of gratitude for the wonderful people who have restored me to full knitting capabilities, I will be knitting socks out of Amy’s yarn. One pair will be knit on the lovely Signatures from Amy, and the other will be my first attempt at Magic Loop using the circular needles.

My boyfriend requested his socks to be knit with the Aragorn colorway, which is a self-striping yarn in black and a woodsy brown. The smaller skein in black will be used for the heel and toe of the sock so the striping pattern doesn’t get interrupted.

Mine will be knit with a self-striping Canon Hand Dyes yarn too, but I’m having trouble deciding on a color…

From left to right:
Canon Hand Dyes William Self Striping Sock – “The prince of darkness is a gentleman” – King Lear
black heel/toe skein
Canon Hand Dyes William Self Striping Sock – Zombie Hello Kitty
black heel/toe skein
Canon Hand Dyes Lewis Self Striping MCN Sock – “The course of true love never did run smooth” – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Canon Hand Dyes Oscar Self Striping – “I will believe that there are unicorns” – The Tempest
gray sparkly heel/toe skein

On the far left is “The prince of darkness is a gentleman” which is a lovely blend of deep blues and purples with a black stripe, and I have a black heel toe skein next to it that I could use. Next in line is Zombie Hello Kitty which looks exactly like you would think a zombified hello kitty should.

There’s the light green zombie flesh with a healthy amount of blood, striped with a super dark green. I’ve seen socks knit with this color using black for the heel and toe which turned out great, so that’s what I would do too.

After that is “The course of true love never did run smooth” which is a lovely gradient stripe that transitions from black to red to pink and then starts over again with the black with only a few rows of each color. There’s a black heel/toe skein to go with that.

The last two skeins on the right are “I will believe that there are unicorns” which is a pale gray striped with light purples and pinks and came with a gray heel/toe skein. It’s a sparkly yarn too, cause you know, UNICORNS.

I will be casting on at midnight on Friday while the rest of the population is busy re-enacting scenes from Fight Club in the aisles of Best Buy, so you have until then to vote.