Paralympic Knitting: Closing Ceremonies

I’m a bit late in writing this. I did knit during the Paralympic Games, though I didn’t really watch it. I tried, I really did, but the coverage was…weird. They didn’t show full games. They just showed the beginning or middle and then decided that was enough and would tell you how it turned out… Continue reading Paralympic Knitting: Closing Ceremonies

WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Ducky Progress Report

You know, when I posted this morning I forgot that the sun rising means that it’s tomorrow. Or today. Whatever, the point is, it hadn’t hit me yet that today is in fact WEDNESDAY and not still Tuesday. Let’s have a Ducky progress report! When we left off, I was coloring Ducky’s spine. I stopped… Continue reading WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Ducky Progress Report

WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Against All Odds

This has been one of those weeks. It seems like the universe has just been conspiring against me and throwing all kinds of drama my way in an attempt to disrupt my workflow – family drama, tech drama, hell, even the¬†electricity has been giving me attitude. Despite all of that, somehow progress has been made.… Continue reading WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Against All Odds

WIP-Cracking Wednesday: MacGyver Edition

This post contains spoilers for the leethal Adventure Knit-a-long, so if you’re still having fun with your own choose-your-own adventure mystery you may want to look away. (And if you haven’t gotten the pattern yet, now’s your chance to get it before the price raises next week when she’ll be updating the format and adding… Continue reading WIP-Cracking Wednesday: MacGyver Edition

WIP-Cracking Wednesday: I’m Back!

Hopefully anyway… I didn’t post last week. Blame Comcast. Somehow they made the internet stop working with their “service upgrade.” Last week was mostly spent trying to get my internet back. That attempt was marginally successful. It’s back, but it seems to be unstable. I basically am just going to have to cross my fingers… Continue reading WIP-Cracking Wednesday: I’m Back!

WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Felting Progress

Let’s check in with the needle felting projects… Ducky‘s body shape is nearly complete! I started covering a styrofoam ball with black felt to use for the upper body, but once I added it to the lower body I realized I had way overshot the scale and it was too big for the legs. I… Continue reading WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Felting Progress

WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Knitting Without a Safety Net

I’m living on the edge with this week’s WIP – for the first time ever I am knitting socks without a gauge swatch! They’re not for me, they’re for my boyfriend, who was so pleased with his first pair of handknit socks that he requested another. I let him pick out the yarn, which many… Continue reading WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Knitting Without a Safety Net

WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Felt ALL THE THINGS!

I’m now juggling three needle felting projects!   Ducky now has her legs attached! More shaping is needed for it to look right, but she’s starting to come together!   I have finished the first Pokeball for my sister’s friend and it didn’t explode in the dryer! I’ve started on a Ultraball for the next… Continue reading WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Felt ALL THE THINGS!