Felt-A-Thon: Tiny Bits

The penguin is nearly finished, all it needs now are eyes! That was a bit of a stumbling block for me though. From all the pictures I have seen of Emperor Penguins, their eyes seem to be invisible. Google it. I dare you to find those elusive penguin eyeballs.

Even so, leaving the penguin eye-less looks a little strange. I had a black ball left over from my first attempt at shaping the head so I decided to practice a few eye styles on that.

First I decided to ditch realism and try for some cartoonish eyes. I made a white oval and stuck a black pupil on top. That turned out…odd.


Then I tried just adding a tiny white dot, like a glint of light. Also weird-looking.


There was an illustration of a penguin in the Google image search that had the eyes colored red, so I took a dark red and tried making an eye-shaped dot with that. No dice.


Then I thought maybe I could outline the eye area with navy just to indicate that something was going on there. The navy I had was so dark that it didn’t even show up against the black.


So, as a last resort I decided that beads are the answer. I have some black seed beads I can sew into place, I just need to find a needle small enough to fit through them.

In the meantime, I have started on my next project: Ducky from The Land Before Time.

image from TV Tropes

image from TV Tropes

Something I learned from the penguin is that there is a limit to how small and skinny I can make things. Considering how much detail is involved in the character, this one needs to be much bigger than the penguin. I decided to start with the smallest parts first and scale everything up from there.

I started by making fingers.


By very carefully laying small wisps of cream over the ends of the fingers I was able to color in the finger…tips? nails? claws? I’m not a dinosaur animation expert, so I’m not sure what to call those…


Once I had all eight fingers finished, I felted them together into a hand shape. I also made two tiny balls for the ears and that nobby thing for the top of her head.


Next I started on the toes, which given their size I decided was best to do separately in the cream color rather than overlaying the color on top of the green.


And then my hand started cramping from all the tiny-ness. More later!