2021 in Review

I’ve been looking back through my planners and notebooks to see what I’ve accomplished this year. I finished 12 knitting projects, which was exactly my goal! They are: Lotus Ring Mackenzie Less is More Cozumel Legolas Socks Pirra Necklaces Whitman Hat Charade Socks Hermione Socks Sybil’s Christmas Stocking I also finished one other top secret… Continue reading 2021 in Review

Caturday: FIV in Kittens

WARNING: This post contains talk of kitten death.   The Kitten Lady posted a video today that prompted me to expand on it by writing this post. It’s all about FIV in kittens and why young kittens who test positive are most likely negative. Watch the video for a explanation as to why that might… Continue reading Caturday: FIV in Kittens

Caturday: Biscuit

Remember the British Bakes? Well, we adopted Biscuit, the mama cat. I know, I know that means we have EIGHT cats now, but honestly, is eight so much harder than seven? My reasoning was this: Biscuit was just sitting at the shelter not getting adopted because they had to put a “no small children” warning… Continue reading Caturday: Biscuit

Caturday: British Bakes

We have brand new kittens so I’m a little tired. Forgive me if this is a mess. Anyway, this isn’t about those kittens. This is about the previous kittens. The British Bakes. We got a request for fostering a mama with three 6 day old kittens back in the beginning of February. We hadn’t been… Continue reading Caturday: British Bakes

Caturday: Tilly

Meet Tilly (full name Matilda). She is one of our youngest cats at 6 years old. She was the one who basically started us on our foster journey. We found her as a kitten in our neighbor’s yard. It’s kind of a funny story how that happened. Our fence was old and had some missing… Continue reading Caturday: Tilly

Caturday: Vikings

The last litter of the year have all been adopted, so I can finally write about them! We picked up a litter of four 10 day old kittens and a mom on October 9. The kittens were chonks already! Remember Matt, the gray kitten with all the health problems? They were the same size at… Continue reading Caturday: Vikings

Caturday: Kittens!

I can finally show you kittens because they’ve been adopted! They go to their new home later today. Meet Matt and Mystic. We got them mid September and it’s been a long haul. Their mother moved the other 4 kittens and left these two alone at about 2 weeks old, probably because they weren’t doing… Continue reading Caturday: Kittens!

Caturday: Ivan

Meet Ivan. He came to us as a stray about five years ago. We had been trapping some of the feral cats who lived behind our fence for about a year and came across this guy who looked nothing like the brown tabby Maine Coon mixes that comprised the rest of the colony. We asked… Continue reading Caturday: Ivan

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Caturday: Finn Edition

Happy Caturday! Today’s post is featuring Finnegan who has been to the vet this week. He wasn’t feeling himself – getting into fights, walking gingerly up the stairs, hesitating to jump, not purring on contact, and he took a giant poop in the middle of the hall. We took him to the vet and they… Continue reading Caturday: Finn Edition