Caturday: Biscuit

Remember the British Bakes? Well, we adopted Biscuit, the mama cat. I know, I know that means we have EIGHT cats now, but honestly, is eight so much harder than seven? My reasoning was this: Biscuit was just sitting at the shelter not getting adopted because they had to put a “no small children” warning… Continue reading Caturday: Biscuit

Caturday: British Bakes

We have brand new kittens so I’m a little tired. Forgive me if this is a mess. Anyway, this isn’t about those kittens. This is about the previous kittens. The British Bakes. We got a request for fostering a mama with three 6 day old kittens back in the beginning of February. We hadn’t been… Continue reading Caturday: British Bakes

Caturday: Tilly

Meet Tilly (full name Matilda). She is one of our youngest cats at 6 years old. She was the one who basically started us on our foster journey. We found her as a kitten in our neighbor’s yard. It’s kind of a funny story how that happened. Our fence was old and had some missing… Continue reading Caturday: Tilly

Caturday: Vikings

The last litter of the year have all been adopted, so I can finally write about them! We picked up a litter of four 10 day old kittens and a mom on October 9. The kittens were chonks already! Remember Matt, the gray kitten with all the health problems? They were the same size at… Continue reading Caturday: Vikings

Caturday: Kittens!

I can finally show you kittens because they’ve been adopted! They go to their new home later today. Meet Matt and Mystic. We got them mid September and it’s been a long haul. Their mother moved the other 4 kittens and left these two alone at about 2 weeks old, probably because they weren’t doing… Continue reading Caturday: Kittens!

Caturday: Ivan

Meet Ivan. He came to us as a stray about five years ago. We had been trapping some of the feral cats who lived behind our fence for about a year and came across this guy who looked nothing like the brown tabby Maine Coon mixes that comprised the rest of the colony. We asked… Continue reading Caturday: Ivan

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Caturday: Finn Edition

Happy Caturday! Today’s post is featuring Finnegan who has been to the vet this week. He wasn’t feeling himself – getting into fights, walking gingerly up the stairs, hesitating to jump, not purring on contact, and he took a giant poop in the middle of the hall. We took him to the vet and they… Continue reading Caturday: Finn Edition