Stitching Away

I’ve been neglecting the blog lately. There are several reasons. One being that the craft room is an unholy mess again and my computer keeps getting buried. Another being that I’m busy zooming during prime blogging time on Wednesdays so doing WIP Wednesdays is harder than it should be. Yet another reason being that I’ve… Continue reading Stitching Away

To Do’s and UFOs

I have a huge list of To Do’s that I’ve been avoiding. Mainly it’s because I’m being run ragged by kittens right now. We have bottle babies at the moment that until today were on a 4 hour feeding schedule. We also have a litter of older kittens that are easier to take care of,… Continue reading To Do’s and UFOs

Photocalypse: The Bluest Blue That Ever Blued

Today’s prompt was “blue” so I decided to do a full photo shoot of the bluest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s a skein of indigodragonfly Merino Single Lace in the colorway TARDIS. When this skein showed up at my house I think I ended up staring at it for at least 5 minutes… Continue reading Photocalypse: The Bluest Blue That Ever Blued

Photocalypse: In My Project Bag

Today’s prompt for the Instagram challenge was “in my project bag.” I’ve been hauling around this project bag full of yarn scraps for over a week now, so it’s time you get a peek inside! This is mainly what I’ve been using to make my freeform fragments for the yarnbombing project. Staging and lighting: This… Continue reading Photocalypse: In My Project Bag

Photocalypse: I Want a Pony

Today’s theme is “want” and I’m currently DYING to get my hands on a certain pony-themed self-striping yarn from a dyer-who-shall-not-be-named-who-may-or-may-not-be-going-out-of-business. I’m even┬áselling some of my stash so I can have some cash in hand in case someone loses their mind and decides to let go of their skein of this glorious yarn. I never… Continue reading Photocalypse: I Want a Pony

Photocalypse: Future Fair Isle

I have this crazy idea that I’m going to design a Fair Isle project. I’ve never actually done Fair Isle before. Clearly I’m insane. In any case, some of the most gorgeous examples of Fair Isle use multiple colors that gradually shift from dark to light. In order to pick out the right colors for… Continue reading Photocalypse: Future Fair Isle

My indigodragonfly Obsession: The Greatest Love of All

Regular readers of this blog will recognize the name indigodragonfly. If I’m posting about something I’ve knitted, 9 times out of 10 it’s out of indigodragonfly yarn. If you’re a careful reader of this blog and read the captions on my photos you’ll know that part of the appeal is the creative and often hilarious… Continue reading My indigodragonfly Obsession: The Greatest Love of All

Level Up Your Knitting: The Yarn List

As I plug away on the needle felting (update on that tomorrow) I’m starting to miss my yarn. The needle felting is fun, I swear! It’s just that I have all these pretty skeins hanging out in my room begging for attention. To get my knitting fix without actually knitting I’ve been leafing through The… Continue reading Level Up Your Knitting: The Yarn List