FO: Cabled Tea Cozy

I finished a thing! My first finish of the year! It’s the cabled tea cozy I’ve been working on. This one required a lot of sewing up, which is my least favorite thing to do. Each side was made separately and then sewn together. Then a large i-cord was knitted and sewn around the edges. Then you picked up and knit the lining. Then you make another i-cord and sew it along the bottom edge. Which you can’t even see, but whatever. Now I can try that special tea we bought! It’s pu-ehr tea stuffed in a dried mandarin that makes 4 cups at a time. Except there’s only two tea-drinkers in the house, so the last two cups will have to wait a bit. Hence the cozy. I’ll try it this weekend when mom isn’t distracted from tea by working.

Pattern: Cabled Tea Cozy by Jennifer Hagen from The Knitter’s Book of Yarn by Clara Parkes

an orange cabled tea cozy with a teal trim
The all-teal side of the cabled tea cozy

By yarnologist

I'm a former wannabe scientist turned fiber arts fanatic. Follow me as I attempt to turn my amateur hobby into a professional career!

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