FO Friday: Merino Spin

As promised, my first FO of the year was the merino spin that just needed a wash. I used two braids of Fancy Fibers 19 Micron Merino that I got at the local Weaver’s Guild sale. One colorway was called Lollipop and was mostly reds/blues/purples, and the other colorway was called Autumn Leaves and looked… Continue reading FO Friday: Merino Spin

FO Friday: Gnome

The gnome is finished! I actually finished it last week, but didn’t photograph it in time for the FO Friday post. Besides, there was a sweater to show off. I modified the pattern slightly in that I did not hold the fingering weight yarn double. I first attempted the nose while tired and mindlessly followed… Continue reading FO Friday: Gnome

FO Friday: Pumpkin

I finished a pumpkin last week! A little late for Halloween as I was really pushing to get the stocking done, but it’s still good as a fall decoration, right? The pattern is Cute Little Pumpkin Patch by Norman Schwarze. The yarn is a self striping partial skein. I believe it’s Fishknits Yarn Boot Strap. The stem is just a… Continue reading FO Friday: Pumpkin

FO Friday: Adventure Knit-a-Long!

Spoilers below for the leethal Adventure Knit-a-Long! My color pairing was inspired by a botched bleach attempt on my hair. I was trying to bleach more of my hair so it could all be purple instead of just a couple of streaks. We really didn’t know what we were doing and it turned out very… Continue reading FO Friday: Adventure Knit-a-Long!