Stitching Away

I’ve been neglecting the blog lately. There are several reasons. One being that the craft room is an unholy mess again and my computer keeps getting buried. Another being that I’m busy zooming during prime blogging time on Wednesdays so doing WIP Wednesdays is harder than it should be. Yet another reason being that I’ve… Continue reading Stitching Away

Spooky Season

I have a new project coming up soon, and I thought I’d show you a preview. It’s a cross stitch project, part of a stitch-along. It’s a sampler full of cryptids! I’m joining late, but not super late (it goes through January), so the first three cryptids have already been released. They are: Mothman, Fresno… Continue reading Spooky Season

Caturday: FIV in Kittens

WARNING: This post contains talk of kitten death.   The Kitten Lady posted a video today that prompted me to expand on it by writing this post. It’s all about FIV in kittens and why young kittens who test positive are most likely negative. Watch the video for a explanation as to why that might… Continue reading Caturday: FIV in Kittens

Knitting Olympics Take Two

The Paralympics has begun and it’s time for another round of sock knitting! This time I’m starting with a self striping skein and knitting The Twisted Goth by Scott Dilley. Yarn is Canon Hand Dyes Charles in The Exorcist. There’s a texture pattern in the lighter stripes that is charted. Well, I inexplicably forgot how… Continue reading Knitting Olympics Take Two

FO Friday: Cozumel

(I wrote this a few weeks ago, but forgot to hit “Publish”, ha!) I actually finished a thing! It’s been a while since I’ve done that. For the Cozumel cowl I decided to block it flat before grafting the ends together. I took advantage of the heat wave and blocked it outside. I found that… Continue reading FO Friday: Cozumel

Knitting Olympics

(USOC can suck it, I’m keeping the title) It’s that time again! The Olympics kicks off tomorrow and I have set practically EVERYTHING to DVR! Which means I’ll be sitting in front of the TV a lot. Which means knitting is happening. This year I’m just gonna see how many socks I can crank out.… Continue reading Knitting Olympics

WIP Wednesday: Spin-Along

I’m working diligently on my Woolery spin-along/Tour de Fleece. I’ve been spinning at least a little bit every day except one where I was really busy. I’ll consider that my “rest day” for the Tour. I made a sport weight single sample, a fingering weight single, and another sport weight single so far. The sample… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Spin-Along

Tour de Fleece!

Tour de Fleece started on Saturday! If you’re not familiar, it’s a widespread spin-along that follows the schedule of Tour de France. This year I’m using the Tour de Fleece time to focus on a more specific spin-along with The Woolery. This spin-along is focusing on spinning more consistent yarns while aiming for a specific… Continue reading Tour de Fleece!