2021 in Review

I’ve been looking back through my planners and notebooks to see what I’ve accomplished this year. I finished 12 knitting projects, which was exactly my goal! They are: Lotus Ring Mackenzie Less is More Cozumel Legolas Socks Pirra Necklaces Whitman Hat Charade Socks Hermione Socks Sybil’s Christmas Stocking I also finished one other top secret… Continue reading 2021 in Review

WIP Wednesday: Roundup

It’s WIP Wednesday and it’s time to come to terms with the amount of WIPs I have. I am primarily a knitter and spinner, but I dabble in other things. The result is an abundance of WIPs. First off there’s the Australian Christmas stocking I’m making as a commission for a friend of my mom.… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Roundup

Cute and Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrel of DOOM

There’s a sort of unofficial mascot on the indigodragonfly forum called the Cute and Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrel of Doom (CCMZSOD). The concept was the result of a sort of mind-meld between Maget and indigodragonfly. Apparently they were planning on naming a new colorway “Zombie Squirrel” or something similar and then Maget mentioned something about… Continue reading Cute and Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrel of DOOM

Monster BFFs

A while ago I was working on a monster. Then I started to see the light at the end of a tunnel with Ducky and just worked on that until I finished. Well, I picked up the monster again and gave it some horns! Then I gave it a tail so it could sit up… Continue reading Monster BFFs

WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Zooming, Bombing, and Sculpting

WARNING: This post contains a ridiculous number of pictures. Part 1: Zooming The photo prompt today was “extreme close up,” which is what I frequently seem to do anyway. This time I decided to see just how close I could get. Staging and lighting: While I was out and about I decided to zoom in… Continue reading WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Zooming, Bombing, and Sculpting

Multiple WIPs Are Cracked and a Confession

Let’s start with the confession just so we can get it out of the way and hopefully you’ll have forgotten about it by the end of this post. Today’s photo prompt was “guilty pleasure.” I could have thought of some BS guilty pleasure to show everyone, but I was just too lazy for lies. I… Continue reading Multiple WIPs Are Cracked and a Confession

WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Ducky Progress Report

You know, when I posted this morning I forgot that the sun rising means that it’s tomorrow. Or today. Whatever, the point is, it hadn’t hit me yet that today is in fact WEDNESDAY and not still Tuesday. Let’s have a Ducky progress report! When we left off, I was coloring Ducky’s spine. I stopped… Continue reading WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Ducky Progress Report