Paralympic Knitting: Closing Ceremonies

I’m a bit late in writing this. I did knit during the Paralympic Games, though I didn’t really watch it. I tried, I really did, but the coverage was…weird. They didn’t show full games. They just showed the beginning or middle and then decided that was enough and would tell you how it turned out without actually showing it. It was frustrating and confusing. Also all the different classes of athletes based on their specific disabilities was hard to follow. I just gave up.

I did not give up on knitting though! I didn’t knit as much as I would have if I had been obsessively glued to the TV, but I managed a whole sock and a cuff!

A neon green and black striped sock with the neon green stripes being textured, laid out on a blue leather chair, next to a black sock cuff still on the needles.

Once again, the pattern is The Twisted Goth by Scott Dilley. Yarn is Canon Hand Dyes Charles in The Exorcist.

I will finish the other sock, but I got sidetracked by a gift hat for someone, and now I have to design and knit another Christmas stocking for a client before Christmas, as well as finishing my own. Gotta get the deadline stuff out of the way first.

By yarnologist

I'm a former wannabe scientist turned fiber arts fanatic. Follow me as I attempt to turn my amateur hobby into a professional career!

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