Closing Ceremony

As is usual, watching ALL of the Olympics (excluding hockey) requires some catching up by the end. It took me three extra days to finish watching everything, so that’s why this blog post is late. I did stop knitting once the closing ceremony was happening in real time though. This is what I accomplished: I… Continue reading Closing Ceremony

Knitting Olympics Take Two

The Paralympics has begun and it’s time for another round of sock knitting! This time I’m starting with a self striping skein and knitting The Twisted Goth by Scott Dilley. Yarn is Canon Hand Dyes Charles in The Exorcist. There’s a texture pattern in the lighter stripes that is charted. Well, I inexplicably forgot how… Continue reading Knitting Olympics Take Two

Knitting Olympics

(USOC can suck it, I’m keeping the title) It’s that time again! The Olympics kicks off tomorrow and I have set practically EVERYTHING to DVR! Which means I’ll be sitting in front of the TV a lot. Which means knitting is happening. This year I’m just gonna see how many socks I can crank out.… Continue reading Knitting Olympics