Caturday: Tilly

Meet Tilly (full name Matilda). She is one of our youngest cats at 6 years old. She was the one who basically started us on our foster journey. We found her as a kitten in our neighbor’s yard. It’s kind of a funny story how that happened. Our fence was old and had some missing… Continue reading Caturday: Tilly

FO Friday: Merino Spin

As promised, my first FO of the year was the merino spin that just needed a wash. I used two braids of Fancy Fibers 19 Micron Merino that I got at the local Weaver’s Guild sale. One colorway was called Lollipop and was mostly reds/blues/purples, and the other colorway was called Autumn Leaves and looked… Continue reading FO Friday: Merino Spin

WIP Wednesday: Working the List

Recently I posted about my plans for the new year. It included a schedule in which each weekday would be devoted to something specific – knitting, spinning, finishing, the brioche scarf, or other crafts. Well, I’ve been sticking to that and it seems to be working! Of course I knit a little bit every day… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Working the List