2021 in Review

I’ve been looking back through my planners and notebooks to see what I’ve accomplished this year. I finished 12 knitting projects, which was exactly my goal! They are: Lotus Ring Mackenzie Less is More Cozumel Legolas Socks Pirra Necklaces Whitman Hat Charade Socks Hermione Socks Sybil’s Christmas Stocking I also finished one other top secret… Continue reading 2021 in Review

All Caught Up

I finally caught up on the Cryptid SAL! It only took me a month, lol. Now I don’t know what to do with myself. Here is each cryptid up close. I added a wand to the Frogman though it wasn’t in the pattern. It just seemed necessary due to the first sighting including a wand… Continue reading All Caught Up

Stitching Away

I’ve been neglecting the blog lately. There are several reasons. One being that the craft room is an unholy mess again and my computer keeps getting buried. Another being that I’m busy zooming during prime blogging time on Wednesdays so doing WIP Wednesdays is harder than it should be. Yet another reason being that I’ve… Continue reading Stitching Away

Spooky Season

I have a new project coming up soon, and I thought I’d show you a preview. It’s a cross stitch project, part of a stitch-along. It’s a sampler full of cryptids! I’m joining late, but not super late (it goes through January), so the first three cryptids have already been released. They are: Mothman, Fresno… Continue reading Spooky Season