Planner Hell

I got consumed by planner things recently. See, I’m used to using Martina Behm’s Strickplaner – a knitting themed planner. It sells out quickly so about August I went to look for the 2022 planner to see if I could get it. That’s when I found out she’s not making it anymore! I’ve used it… Continue reading Planner Hell

Fresh Notebook!

I have a fresh notebook for recording my knitting project notes! It’s a Lemome Eco Friendly Cork Hardcover. It has dot grids and perforated pages, though I don’t intend to take any pages out. Well, I did take the first page out as the edge was glued to the endpaper and it hinged on the… Continue reading Fresh Notebook!

WIP-Cracking Wednesday: The Black Hole

Ok, so I admit to procrastinating on the blog a bit lately. I had good intentions, honest! I kept telling myself “Hey wouldn’t it be great if I typed up my next WIP post early so I don’t end up forgetting about it when Wednesday rolls around?” So I would try to think of what… Continue reading WIP-Cracking Wednesday: The Black Hole


I’ve been quiet lately, which means I’ve been busy. Unfortunately the things I’ve been busy doing aren’t very interesting so I’ll spare you the details. Lots of the doing has involved things I’ve already blogged about, and much progress has been made. The iPhone is now my bitch. It has been replaced, wi-fi is working,… Continue reading Progress!


I’ve been having a lot of trouble keeping track of everything I need to do in order to keep my life from falling apart. I mean, I have no idea when I did laundry last, I think it’s been over a month since I’ve vacuumed my room (and my allergies are starting to show it),… Continue reading Scatterbrained

Bigger on the Inside

I turned my bedroom into the friggin’ TARDIS. Somehow with all of this rearranging and shelf-installing, I now have loads of extra space. I made my room bigger on the inside! Let me take you on the grand tour. First stop: my photo studio. I have the table all set up and ready to go! All… Continue reading Bigger on the Inside

My Room Wasn’t Built in a Day

As usual when starting a huge project, I had delusions of efficiency and expected it to only take a few days. It took closer to 2 weeks to get my bedroom and office space modified and rearranged. It also took approximately $400, though I can’t tell you the exact breakdown of how much things cost… Continue reading My Room Wasn’t Built in a Day

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Room

In pursuit of a more yarn-centric life I knew space would be an issue. I live in a very small bedroom, contained within a very small house, which I share with my mother, sister, and four cats. I had been trying to keep all of my possessions contained within my own room as much as… Continue reading The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Room