Ravelry Days of Silence

As some of you may know, Ravelry is retiring the Classic version of their site on April 1. The only option after that will be NuRav, which still causes eyestrain, headaches, migraines, and even seizures for some people. This is why you will never see my posting a link to Ravelry, ever. It can be… Continue reading Ravelry Days of Silence

Podcast Roundup

As a crafter, my hands and my eyes are frequently occupied. If I want entertainment while I work, it has to be consumed with my ears. Sometimes this takes the form of re-watching old shows on Netflix that I really don’t have to pay attention to. Sometimes I listen to music. If I’m craving something… Continue reading Podcast Roundup

WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Pool Party

First let’s start this post with a mini muggle vocabulary lesson. In knitting, “pooling” has absolutely nothing to do with water. Pooling is what happens when you’re knitting with a yarn that has many different colors in it and the same colors start stacking on top of one another making a “pool” of a single… Continue reading WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Pool Party

Vocabulary for Muggles: Frogging

One big reason for not posting my oldest WIPs yesterday was that I think they may require frogging. No, I don’t mean I need to venture out into the night and start capturing unsuspecting frogs with my bare hands, though I hear that is a lot of fun. Frogging refers to the action of unravelling… Continue reading Vocabulary for Muggles: Frogging

Vocabulary for Muggles: WIP

Pronounced “whip”, WIP is an acronym for work in progress. It’s another one of those words that is used in many different contexts and isn’t specific to knitting, but may still confuse the muggles given how much we tend to talk about them. The thing about knitting is, for many of us the most exciting… Continue reading Vocabulary for Muggles: WIP

Vocabulary for Muggles

As a knitter, I am aware that many of the words that come out of my mouth have absolutely no meaning to the general public. Talking to me can be very confusing for non-knitters. So could reading my blog. In fact, when I came across this video a while back, it was like looking a… Continue reading Vocabulary for Muggles

Knit Fit: Day Two

After a good night’s rest at my aunt and uncle’s house, I returned to Knit Fit for my second class, Beginner Pattern Writing with Jen Hagen. I was pleased to see several of the same students from the Self Publishing class – clearly a group of people on a mission. Jen was a wealth of… Continue reading Knit Fit: Day Two

In Which Technology Hates Me

I know I promised to blog about Knit Fit today, and believe me, I really want to. Unfortunately technology has conspired against me. I took some awesome photos while I was there and I’m still struggling a bit trying to figure out how get them onto my sister’s computer and formatted and edited properly. It… Continue reading In Which Technology Hates Me