Ravelry Days of Silence

As some of you may know, Ravelry is retiring the Classic version of their site on April 1. The only option after that will be NuRav, which still causes eyestrain, headaches, migraines, and even seizures for some people. This is why you will never see my posting a link to Ravelry, ever. It can be a little awkward when I’m talking about designers or patterns that don’t have a presence outside Ravelry, but I cannot risk causing harm to my readers. Unfortunately the Ravelry staff are not that compassionate. A wonderful person on Instagram, evanitaewm has proposed a few days of silence to show Ravelry what their future may look like without the many users who have been affected. Here is their post to Instagram:

For those who can’t view the images/have screen readers, here’s the text:


“I have a plan to make our voices heard! To carry this out I need everyone’s help! Please read over the next few slides. I will be reposting these to help spread the word.

After March 31st Ravelry will be removing Ravelry Classic permanently leaving it’s community to only be able to view the site with it’s NuRav layout that has caused countless people to experience visual discomfort, migraines, and for some individuals seizures.

We need a day of silence for Ravelry Classic. As an international community I propose we expand this to 3 days. On March 31st through April 2nd do not log into Ravelry. Encourage all your friends to do the same so that Ravelry will see a huge drop in online presence.

Instead of logging into Ravelry during this time let’s post to our pages and stories how we feel about NuRav. Share your stories of your experience with the new layout and make your voices heard! Repost and share to Stories, posts that others have made on #Ravelryaccessibilty and let Ravelry know it’s not ok/your feelings so they understand we are not happy with NuRav.

Please share these posts so we can reach as many Ravelry members as possible. We need them to listen to us to help keep our community together.

Silence for Ravelry Classic March 31st – April 2nd.”


So let’s do this! I’m going to be deleting the shortcut to Raverly on my phone so I don’t absentmindedly open it up. I’ve been decreasing my presence on Ravelry over the last few weeks, not because it visually affects me, but because it feels sad now without so many posters. The monthly thread I usually participate in is so much quieter now. The loss for the community is real, and I feel it. Let’s hold a few days of silence for Classic Rav, and all those who are no longer able to use the site. They will be missed.

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