Knit Fit: Day Two

After a good night’s rest at my aunt and uncle’s house, I returned to Knit Fit for my second class, Beginner Pattern Writing with Jen Hagen. I was pleased to see several of the same students from the Self Publishing class – clearly a group of people on a mission.

Jen was a wealth of information! She took us through the whole process of writing up a pattern. In addition to highlighting all of the different types of writing involved in patterns, she took us through every part of a pattern and detailed the importance of standardizing your terms, what types of measurements should be included, and even how to put together a schematic. Again, I left the class with pages full of notes that will be invaluable when I go to set my first design on paper. Jen made what could have potentially be a somewhat dry subject into a very engaging class with her enthusiasm and warm nature. The whole class bonded so well that we’re staying in touch to offer each other pattern writing support and encouragement! We’re all fairly local, so there may be some meet-ups in the future.

One big happy knitter family

After class I got to enjoy one of the great traditions of knitting conventions – meeting a Ravelry friend in person for the first time! This time I had lunch with Destiny (AKA neneni) and her mother Joan. We met on Ravelry through our mutual love for indigodragonfly yarn. I had a delicious (though very messy) salmon sandwich while we chatted about knitting, yarn, and our lives in general as if we’d known each other for years. They had taken the morning class on steeking and I got to see Destiny’s swatch from the class. I’m still pretty wary of taking scissors to my knitting, but even the results of her first steeking experience looked very well done and not the least bit prone to unraveling, so maybe…

After eating we went back into the marketplace and perused the yarn selections again (it’s always so much more fun with a friend) before they had to head out to their afternoon class.

My favorite part about going to these things is being surrounded by people who are just as excited about yarn as I am and getting to geek out with people who GET IT. Even at such a small convention I feel like I came away with lots of new friends!


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