Default Setting: Knit

I had one of those groggy mornings when your brain really hasn’t caught up to your body in the waking up process. I got out of the shower, lotioned my face, brushed my wet hair, and then…couldn’t remember what came next. First thought to pop into my head was, “Knit? No, that can’t be right…” Eventually I settled on “put on clothes” as the next step, but it took a while.

It seems my brain has a default setting – when in doubt, knit.


2 thoughts on “Default Setting: Knit

  1. Haha. Similarly this morning we were getting ready to leave, and I grabbed my project bag, thinking “oh, I have my projects so I can knit in the car, and can match yarns when we get to the shop”, while leaving my purse in the house which we had to go back for.

  2. Lol! Really. I laughed out loud while reading this post.

    FYI, if some day you blow your nose and yarn comes out, I will not be surprised. 😉

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