WIP-Cracking Wednesday: The Day I Ran Out of WIPs

Well, this is awkward. I don’t really have any WIPs to show you. At least nothing I haven’t shown you before. As of Monday I had two un-blogged WIPs, but I have since finished them. Or, nearly finished them anyway. One needs to be blocked, the other needs a few buttons sewn on. Truth is, I hadn’t planned on knitting at all this week. I had planned on delving into this fabulous pile of wool and needle felting ALL THE THINGS.

needle felting palette

I had a pet-sitting gig this week, so I figured I could crank out some needle felted goodies while I keep the pets company. They had other plans. Every time I sit down the adorable little furballs hop onto my lap and absolutely refuse to leave. I have yet to figure out how to needle felt while my lap is occupied. Thankfully they do have the good sense to sit far enough down on my lap to allow room for knitting, which is more than I can say for a particular adorable furball in my own household *cough* Stella *cough*.

So, I guess the needle felting will have to wait until the weekend. In the meantime, I have one more day of pet-sitting and I’m out of knitting, so I’ll need to cast on something new when I get home tonight. I’ve been hearing rave reviews about the new indigodragonfly base, Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Sock. I happen to have a skein.

colorway: A Year Later, It Was Whatville's Turn

colorway: A Year Later, It Was Whatville’s Turn

The Giftapalooza knit-a-long is still going, so I’ll be casting on the fingerless mitts from the collection: Kalix. I wonder how far I’ll get tomorrow during my lap duties…



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