Caturday: Biscuit

Remember the British Bakes? Well, we adopted Biscuit, the mama cat. I know, I know that means we have EIGHT cats now, but honestly, is eight so much harder than seven? My reasoning was this: Biscuit was just sitting at the shelter not getting adopted because they had to put a “no small children” warning… Continue reading Caturday: Biscuit

New Look

I’ve updated the blog with a new look, as you can see! I was told by a helpful reader that the white background was a bit harsh, so I hope this is better. I’ve also cleaned up my widgets so it’s more relevant. I’m not super happy with the fact that the main page does… Continue reading New Look

Caturday: British Bakes

We have brand new kittens so I’m a little tired. Forgive me if this is a mess. Anyway, this isn’t about those kittens. This is about the previous kittens. The British Bakes. We got a request for fostering a mama with three 6 day old kittens back in the beginning of February. We hadn’t been… Continue reading Caturday: British Bakes


With the recent Ravelry debacle, there’s been much discussion about accessibility on the web. We all know by now that Ravelry is the example of what NOT to do and that most other websites do better. But I realized I don’t know anything about how accessible this blog is. I haven’t had any visual problems… Continue reading Accessibility

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Ravelry Days of Silence

As some of you may know, Ravelry is retiring the Classic version of their site on April 1. The only option after that will be NuRav, which still causes eyestrain, headaches, migraines, and even seizures for some people. This is why you will never see my posting a link to Ravelry, ever. It can be… Continue reading Ravelry Days of Silence