My good friend Jessica wrote this lovely post in support of my Knotty Narwhal campaign. She even outlines my origin story a bit – wandering into her dorm suite is basically how I came to be a knitter! I already knew how to crochet before college, but I never really fell in love with it. I learned how to knit after hanging out in that suite and watching what all those pointy sticks could do!


Jessica's Yarn Tales

Life has been busy lately and as a result, I have fallen behind in my planned posts, especially this one about my friend, Nikki. We met during our freshman year of college, when, within the first few days, she was seeking refuge from the drunken mayhem of her dorm floor. She wandered down a flight of stairs and found a bunch of quirky, slightly insane (ok, maybe, sometimes, just a bit more than “slightly”) group of people that she instantly fell into. One of the interests that this group shared was knitting; some of us knit, some of us crocheted or did both, and even those who didn’t use sticks or hooks liked playing with and squishing the yarn. Through the haze of my very sleepy, and job-hunt frazzled brain, I am unable to remember if Nikki knit before college, or started during. Regardless of when she began, she…

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