Level Up Your Knitting: The Yarn List

As I plug away on the needle felting (update on that tomorrow) I’m starting to miss my yarn. The needle felting is fun, I swear! It’s just that I have all these pretty skeins hanging out in my room begging for attention.

To get my knitting fix without actually knitting I’ve been leafing through The Knitter’s Life List by Gwen W. Steege. It’s a great book full of information, inspiration, and of course LISTS. I love lists, but especially these lists, which read like a skills menu in a knitting RPG. (Is there a knitting RPG? If there is I am SO IN!)

Each chapter covers a particular area of knitting interest, like sweater, hats, bags, know-how, etc. The first chapter is all about yarn. Since I’ve had yarn on the brain I decided to review the lists in that chapter to see what I’ve done and pick out a few things I’m really excited to get started on.

Here’s some of the knitting achievements I’ve unlocked:

  • I’ve attended a Clara Parkes lecture. She’s a fabulous speaker and can make subjects as dry as ply and twist seem fascinating.
  • Use multiple, closely related colors in a project:
  • Knit something for myself with special yarn that you just love to touch – That’s like, every knitting project ever. I actually have a hard time giving away my knits because the yarns I use are so precious to me.
  • Dig through your stash and examine yarns with different plies – I did that after reading Clara Parke’s The Knitter’s Book of Yarn and tagged all of my stash entries on Ravelry accordingly. I haven’t really kept up with tagging new stash as I acquire it though.
  • Knit with a silk-Merino blend: my Toorie hat used a 50/50 Silk-Merino blend and was luscious to knit with!

Toorie - pom pom side

  • Knit with angora: I have knit with it, but I didn’t really do it justice. I still need to frog this so I make something more wearable out of it.

Angora Scarflet

There are lots of things on the list that I haven’t done yet, but here are a few that I can’t wait to get started on!

  • Knit with qiviut: I splurged at the Sock Summit and treated myself to this tiny ball of 100% qiviut! I plan to make a Madeira Lace Scarf out of it.
  • Knit with cashmere: I’ve used it in lots of blends, but I have one precious skein of 100% cashmere that I will making into Wood Elves Gloves.
  • Knit with alpaca: I’m actually surprised I haven’t knit with this yet, but I do have four skeins in contrasting colors that I will use to knit Andrea’s Shawl.
  • Knit with orange: It’s one of the colors that I rarely (or never) use, but I have a very orange yarn that is destined to be a pair of socks – Baldersquash.
  • Pink is another color I don’t work with often, but I finally found a pink that I’m sort of obsessed with. This one will be a Gunn au lait hat.
  • Knit with solids: I’m so devoted to hand-dyed yarns that I sometimes forget that commercially dyed solid-colored yarns even exist. And in my stash, no less! Here are a couple I have plans for – The first will become a Star Crossed Slouchy Beret, the second will become an Aeolian Shawl, and the last will be used for an Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap.
Novita Charlie Mohair (I'll just be using the gray)

Novita Charlie Mohair (I’ll just be using the gray)

What’s on your must-knit yarn list?