Photocalypse: Too Much Light

Normally when I’m photographing things I want ALL THE LIGHT. When I’m using the light box I have 6 different lamps surrounding the box from all angles. I LOVE light. Until I have to photograph something white. If I have to capture something white then it seems like I have to do it in the dark in order to get any depth in the photo AT ALL. I thought today would be dim enough to do some white photography, but it was still a pain. Today’s prompt was “buttons” so I finally picked out some buttons for my Tilting TARDIS Cowl.

Staging and lighting: I put the cowl and the buttons on a table in my mother’s room in front of a window. It’s a window facing the neighbor’s house, so there isn’t much room for the light to sneak in. It was really cloudy today too. I even turned off the overhead light so there was only light source in this photo.

IMG_5225 IMG_5226


Instagram edits: Rise filter and border

Computer edits: cropped, decreased exposure, increased saturation, increased definition a lot, increased highlights to the max

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto

There were only a few filters in Instagram that didn’t completely obscure the contours of the buttons and Rise seemed to be the best option. When I was editing the photo on the computer I concentrated on just the first button and pretty much ignored the rest of the photo. I really wanted to show the angles on that button! This was the best I could do. It doesn’t really show the cool pattern that made me pick these buttons over all the rest. It looks very TARDIS-y, trust me. I’m not sure how much darker it needs to be in order to get a decent photo of white things…



So Many Buttons…

I went button hunting for my hat and came up with way too many options. I started out with 15 possibilities, but I finally narrowed it down to 6. What do you think looks best?

IMG_3998 IMG_4003 IMG_4014 IMG_4030 IMG_4035 IMG_4044