WIP-Cracking Wednesday: MacGyver Edition

This post contains spoilers for the leethal Adventure Knit-a-long, so if you’re still having fun with your own choose-your-own adventure mystery you may want to look away. (And if you haven’t gotten the pattern yet, now’s your chance to get it before the price raises next week when she’ll be updating the format and adding charts! You’ll get the updated files even if you pay now.)



So I finished knitting this hat and was ready to block it. It’s supposed to be a slouchy hat, so it’s longer than your average hat. That is, longer than my actual head. The pattern used a bit of stranded knitting too, so it would NEED blocking – stranded knitting tends to pull in the fabric a lot and needs to be blocked so you can see all the stitches you painstakingly knitted. Once I started soaking the hat I realized two things:

1) I haven’t actually knit very many hats before, and the ones I have made didn’t really need much blocking. I just gave them a quick soak and laid them flat or draped them over something.

2) The few hats I have made weren’t nearly this slouchy, so this truly is new blocking territory for me.

The instructions said to smooth the hat around something slightly smaller than your head like a balloon or a foam head. So something vaguely head-shaped. Okay.

I went on a hunt for head-shaped things in the house. I didn’t have any balloons, so that was out. I did have a few head models, but only one of them is even remotely close to my head size. Unfortunately, the hat is way too long to block on the head! The bottom of it just dangled around the neck. Armed with a tape measure, I looked for other options.


I discovered a trash can in my room that I’ve been using to hold the parts for my light box is exactly the same circumference as my head at the bottom! It starts to flare out at the middle though, so I couldn’t block the hat just on the trash can or the edge would turn out way too loose. I looked for something that could add some height to the trash can. There was a foam ball that was way too small, but it added enough height to make the hat fit on the trash can.

When I put the hat on the foam ball/trash can contraption it still seemed too floppy at the top and I was worried there wouldn’t be enough stretching to even out the stranded knitting. I kept looking. Finally, I came across a decorative pot of my mother’s. It was the right shape, the right size, and by turning it upside down the opening at the top sat really well on the convex bottom of the trash can. The wavy top of the trash can made the whole thing unstable though, so I covered the head model in a towel and put that inside the trash can to stabilize it.


There! That works, right?


Once again, my blocking style is make-it-up-as-I-go-along. Whatever works I guess. Now I just need to pick out a button…