Photocalypse: In My Project Bag

Today’s prompt for the Instagram challenge was “in my project bag.” I’ve been hauling around this project bag full of yarn scraps for over a week now, so it’s time you get a peek inside! This is mainly what I’ve been using to make my freeform fragments for the yarnbombing project.

Staging and lighting: This time I went to what could possibly be the best-lit room in the house – my bedroom. I have the same dim overhead light as the other bedrooms, but it’s bolstered by a standing lamp with a reading light attachment next to my bed. I emptied the contents of the bag onto my bed and pointed the reading lamp at the pile of scraps.

IMG_5051 IMG_5052 IMG_5054

Instagram edits: cropped, lux, Sierra filter with border

Computer edits: cropped, enhanced, increased blue, increased sharpness

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto

I really like what the lux function did with the Instagram photo, so that one is the clear winner in this pairing. Everything came out so much more defined and the darker areas were lightened without washing out the whole photo.


Photocalypse: I Want a Pony

Today’s theme is “want” and I’m currently DYING to get my hands on a certain pony-themed self-striping yarn from a dyer-who-shall-not-be-named-who-may-or-may-not-be-going-out-of-business. I’m evenĀ selling some of my stash so I can have some cash in hand in case someone loses their mind and decides to let go of their skein of this glorious yarn. I never sell my stash. Never.

Staging and lighting: Today I went back into my sister’s lair to photograph her shelf full of ponies. Same lighting – just a dim overhead light – but on the other side of the room on the top shelf of a bookshelf, so there are more shadows involved. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but that shelf is almost entirely filled with pony figurines. I pulled Rainbow Dash and the other mane six (well, five – Fluttershy is missing) to the front of the shelf to catch the most light.

IMG_5027 IMG_5026

Instagram edits: tilt-shift circular, lux, Hudson with border

Computer Edits: cropped, enhanced, increased exposure, increased blue, decreased shadows to minimum, increased saturation

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto

Hudson proved to be the best filter to get the bright colors of the ponies to come through and correct for the yellowing from the terrible lighting. iPhoto was able to correct for the color much better though. If I could combine the colors of the iPhoto and the tilt-shift and border of the Instagram this would be a perfect shot.

Photocalypse: All About the Lincolns, Baby

Today’s prompt was “need” and lately I’ve been seeing lots of great de-stashes on Ravelry and have been in need of funds to buy them!

Staging and lighting: This one was taken in my mother’s bedroom which only has an overhead light, like my sister’s. Her walls are painted a much lighter color though. I lightly taped a $5 bill to the red cityscape painting.


Instagram edits: cropped, tilt-shift circular, lux, Hudson filter and border

Computer edits: cropped, enhanced, increased contrast, increased definition

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto

For once I found a use for the circular version of tilt-shift – in this case it highlights Lincoln’s face and combined with the lux function, the angle of photography, and the right filter it makes his face look like it’s popping out of the bill! There were a couple of filters that seemed to produce this effect, but Hudson seemed the most pronounced to me. I tried using the edge blur in iPhoto to create the same effect, but it just looks like crap. The edge blur effect is pretty much useless. I demand a tilt-shift button!


Photocalypse: Friday the 13th

Today’s photo prompt was “number,” and being Friday the 13th I knew exactly which number to use!

Staging and lighting: I went in my sister’s cave for this one. The only lighting in there is the dim overhead and the walls are super dark. I put a row counter on her shelf (it’s empty because it’s only used as a cat highway). It’s so dark in there that when I took the first shot the flash came on! I had to turn off the auto-flash to get the photos.


here's what the photo looks like with the flash

here’s what the photo looks like with the flash

Instagram edits: tilt-shift horizontally, lux, Sutro filter, border

Computer edits: cropped, enhanced, edge blur x7, increased blue, decreased saturation, decreased exposure a lot, decreased shadows to the minimum, increased definition to maximum, increased contrast

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto

I tried to edit the photos to look somewhat ominous. The filters in Instagram were actually able to do some really cool stuff with this picture and it was hard to choose just one! Some of them made the colors look really bright and happy, the black and white filters made it look pretty neat, and the Toaster filter looked awesome! I picked Sutro because it made it look dark and moody without obscuring too much detail. I did my best to duplicate that feel in iPhoto and had to go through A LOT of edits to even get close. I really wish there was a tilt-shift function in iPhoto. There’s a “blur edge” effect, but it’s circular instead of horizontal bands and it looks pixelated and weird. I like the Instagram better.

Edit: Apparently this is my 113th post too! PERFECT!

Photocalypse: Stitch Markers

I decided to just try out every single room in the house to test their photography potential. I haven’t tried the bathroom yet, so that’s where I went for today’s photo: stitch markers.

Staging and lighting: The bathroom has vanity lighting above the mirrors, so it is well-lit, but the lights are pretty high up and only on the one wall. I hung my stitch marker ring on the handle of one of the cabinets and opened the cabinet door until the most light was hitting the stitch markers.


For the Instagram, I cropped it close and used the Nashville filter with a border.

For the computer edits I just did my usual routine – crop, enhance, increase blue.

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto

The bathroom has some pretty decent lighting! I do have to say one thing about the Instagram filter though…I like what the Nashville filter does to the photo, but the border is just weird. I could have gone without the border I suppose, but I like having a border! The photos look kind of weird without them in Instagram. I just wish I could get a border with that filter that doesn’t have a bunch of numbers on it.

WIP-Cracking Wednesday AND Photocalypse!

First the WIP-Cracking

My week was mostly spent working on the yarnbombing. There was some family health drama and I was in need of portable crafting, so no needle felting progress this time.

I’m running with the Welcome to Night Vale theme and have been working in as many references as possible. So far I’ve made the Eye, red dots, a tentacle, a bunch of amorphous shapes and I’ve started sewing suckers onto the tentacle. I made a glow cloud at some point, but then I decided it was neither glowy nor cloudy enough and ripped it out. I may make another attempt at it. We’ll see.




Today’s prompt was “shoes” and seeing as I don’t really own any super-cute shoes like everyone else seems to be Instagramming I decided to go a more realistic route. I didn’t want to photograph boring empty shoes though, and it’s kind of hard to take pictures of your own feet so I asked my sister to be my stand-in. She pretty much only wears sandals though, which is fine since I have a very similar pair, but having bare feet in the photo just seemed…boring? odd? I dunno, so I told her to put on some socks. I’m a knitter though, so of course they had to be hand-knit socks. So basically I threw “realism” out the window during the course of staging this photograph because these are not my shoes, or my feet, and I don’t actually wear socks with sandals despite my geographical affiliation. I’m a bad North-westerner I guess.

Staging and lighting: There were two main light sources for this one – the dining room lights to the right and the standing lamp to the left and in front. I had my sister stand on a chair both to bring her closer to the light sources and to avoid doing detailed photography of the cat hair carpet.

light source on the right

light source on the right

light source on the left

light source on the left

location of lamp in relation to chair

location of lamp in relation to chair

For the Instagram I cropped the photo and used the Hudson filter with a border. The unedited photo was very yellow and the Hudson filter added the most blue to counteract that.

On the computer I cropped the image, enhanced it, and increased the blue.

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto

It’s still nowhere near true-to-color. Conclusion: the living room lights are way too yellow to be a useful light source. If I want to do living room photography without the benefit of natural light I’ll have to switch out all the bulbs.


Photocalypse: How to Make Stuff Up

I’ve been attempting to knit and crochet this entire yarn bomb freeform, which is quite a feat considering how much of a control freak I am. I actually had to read a book in order to learn how to make stuff up as I go along. This is the book I’ve been reading.

Staging and lighting: I put the book on the footrest of my recliner. The lighting here is a bit odd. It’s mostly from the entryway light which is behind and to the left of the foot of the recliner.



Instagram edits: cropped closer, used tilt-shift vertically and moved it so it didn’t obscure the title and author, used the lux function, Hudson filter, and border

Computer edits: cropped, enhanced, and increased the blue

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto

Conclusion: this is a really bad spot for photography. The lighting is just too weird. It’s a wonder how I get so much crafting done in this chair.

Photocalypse: Puff o’clock

Sometimes a project can fit into very neat intervals of time. A row that takes exactly 10 minutes to knit, a pattern repeat that takes 5 minutes to get through, a stripe of color that lasts for 30 minutes. Today’s photo prompt was “time,” so these are the things that came to mind. Hexipuffs represent an especially tidy amount of time – 45 minutes. In other words, for every single episode of most shows I watch on Netflix I can complete one hexipuff.

Staging: same as the “on the table” shot of my disassembled yarn bomb, except I held up the hexipuff under the lights instead of laying it on the table (which is still covered in yarn).

For the Instagram shot I zoomed in a tad so the puff filled the frame more, used the vertical tilt-shift function (the water droplet thing) and adjusted the blurred sections so they weren’t covering the puff (turns out you CAN move them around!), used the Lux setting, the Mayfair filter, and the border.

For the computer edit I cropped it, enhanced it, and increased the blue until the wall was no longer gray-brown and looked more like it does in real life.

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto

This was hard to pick a filter for in Instagram. None of them looked quite right. I just went with whatever showed the most range of color and conveyed some of the brightness of the yarn. The computer edited photo is much better.

Photocalypse: Freeform

Around 3 pm I came out to the living room and noticed a bit of sunlight on the couch. I decided to take advantage of it for today’s photography prompt – texture.

Staging and lighting: I tossed the freeform fragments I made yesterday into the ray of sunshine on the couch and tucked all the loose ends underneath them.

IMG_4915 IMG_4918

I used the Hefe filter and border in Instagram.

I cropped and enhanced the photo in iPhoto.

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto

Photocalypse: Disassembled Yarn Bomb

I’m blogging super early/way late at night again because I’m heading out of town in the morning. Today’s prompt was “on the table” and I had just finished picking through my stash to find yarn I could use for an upcoming yarn bombing operation. I needed to take a photo anyway for my project page, so I’m killing two birds with one stone for this one.

If you’re wondering what a “yarn bomb” is, I’m sorry I don’t really have time to fully explain it in this post. It’s sort of like knitted graffiti, but not illegal (usually). I’ll do a full write-up on it at a later date, perhaps after I’ve finished my portion of this yarn bomb so I can show you pictures.

Staging: All the yarn was laid out on the table in my bedroom that I usually have my light box set up on. I turned on 3 of the lamps for added lighting because my overhead light is so dim.


For the Instagram version I used the lux function and the Sierra filter with a border.

For the iPhoto edited version I broke out my “serious editing” eye since this photo will be on the Ravelry project page. I didn’t really need it though – it required very little editing! I just cropped it to match the Instagram, used the enhance function and increased the exposure a bit. The colors look pretty accurate!

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto