Lately I’ve been consumed once again by updating my Airtable with all the Ravelry information I can mine. If you’re able to use Ravelry, but want all your information off the site in case it goes down, this is a good solution. I’m not sure how to obtain all this information about patterns without Ravelry.… Continue reading Airtable

Tech Tuesday: Sometimes You Need More Wires to Go Wireless

For the record, I just made up “Tech Tuesday” ’cause it sounded cool. It’s not going to be a regular post or anything because frankly, I have no business commenting on techie stuff. I’m going to do it anyway though, just for today. SO. Backups. Backups are important. Keeping a regular backup schedule for your… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Sometimes You Need More Wires to Go Wireless

How My Sister Saved My Hands

Way back in December I had to take a break from blogging because my hands were hurting. I blamed the new laptop since that was the only new activity my hands had been engaged in. At the time I thought my hand posture was to blame, and I took some photos of my hand interacting with… Continue reading How My Sister Saved My Hands


I’ve been quiet lately, which means I’ve been busy. Unfortunately the things I’ve been busy doing aren’t very interesting so I’ll spare you the details. Lots of the doing has involved things I’ve already blogged about, and much progress has been made. The iPhone is now my bitch. It has been replaced, wi-fi is working,… Continue reading Progress!

The Mayans Lied, So I Guess I’ve Got to Do Stuff

Happy New Year’s Eve! I am going to be spending my day clearing the decks to prepare for 2013, because nothing motivates me to clean more than a looming arbitrary deadline. I’m still not quite clear why I do this. I never seem to get everything done that I want to. I don’t think of… Continue reading The Mayans Lied, So I Guess I’ve Got to Do Stuff

Zen and the Art of Photo Editing

HEY! HEY!! Guess what I just did…. I edited a photo! On my new Mac! I didn’t realize how incomplete I felt without photo editing capabilities until I just figured out how to do it on my new computer just now. I feel so relieved. Since at least 50% of the time I spend on… Continue reading Zen and the Art of Photo Editing


I’ve been having a lot of trouble keeping track of everything I need to do in order to keep my life from falling apart. I mean, I have no idea when I did laundry last, I think it’s been over a month since I’ve vacuumed my room (and my allergies are starting to show it),… Continue reading Scatterbrained

How Yarnologist Got Her Groove Back

Yesterday my mother finally got sick of seeing me moping around the house and randomly bursting into tears and took me to the Apple store to see if we could get me a new computer. I had an estimated cost in mind based on poking around the Apple site and guesstimating what I would need… Continue reading How Yarnologist Got Her Groove Back

Four Things

Sorry about not posting anything yesterday. I was feeling really ill. I’m still a bit off today, but that’s probably because I haven’t slept in 26+ hours. Apparently my brain is really, really good at tricking my body into thinking it’s dying when I’m under stress. This is not the first time it’s done this, though it… Continue reading Four Things