WIP Wednesday: The Cursed Sock

I’ve been focusing on these socks all week. I already told you about how the chart symbols were confusing and the chart for the heel flap didn’t have wrong side instructions in the legend. Well, it got worse. I was aware that the charts for the small and large sizes for the top of foot were reversed, so I didn’t get tripped up there. No, the chart itself doesn’t work. About 10-15 rounds early you run out of room for the repeating pattern on the left side. I was able to fudge it, but it almost started wrapping the cable around to the bottom of the foot! I seriously don’t think this was test knit. At least not the small size. I really hope the rest of the patterns aren’t like this. It’s one of many in an e-book I bought. Anyway, I persevered and am now working on the second sock. Here’s the whole first sock:

And here’s where I’m at now with the second sock:

Also, in digging through project notes on this pattern to see if it was just me struggling with the chart, someone pointed out that the increases should be reversed to look tidier. I probably should have been using the opposite increase on the left sock, but it’s too late now. I’m just using the M1R on the right sock now, as I did M1L on the left sock.

I tried on the left sock and it fits, but looks…odd. The yarn overs are like, too big? They stretch out a lot. Maybe it’ll block out. Maybe I’ll just hate these socks. Whatever, I’m not turning back now.

I have a correction to make. In the previous WIP Wednesday post I stated I was related to Robert the Bruce. Upon further inspection, the link to the fancy pants relatives was false. I found a scanned book page that stated that the “parents” of my ancestor died with no issue. So they couldn’t have been his parents. So I had to nuke the whole royal line. Oh well, I guess we’re just Scottish peasants, lol.

By yarnologist

I'm a former wannabe scientist turned fiber arts fanatic. Follow me as I attempt to turn my amateur hobby into a professional career!

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