Needle Felted Earrings

I needed to whip out a quick gift for a friend so I decided to make some earrings. I wanted it to use as little wool as possible, so I cheated. I got these needle felted balls in a grab bag from one of the knitting events I’ve attended lately. They have Canada in the name so I’m guessing it was from Knit City in Vancouver, but I’m not really sure. Apparently there’s a lot of cute stuff you can do with these balls and you can check them out at Honey Canada’s Etsy shop.


Unfortunately, the ones I had were all different colors, so I had to fix that.


Once I covered the balls in coordinating wool I went through my bead stash and found some beads that looked nice with them. I strung them together, tied them to some earring hooks, and before I knew it I had made some earrings!


The great thing about these is that even though they’re on the large side they’re made of wool so they’re super light!


They were so quick and easy to do and I think they turned out looking very pretty. I predict I will be making more of these in the future.

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