Photocalypse: First Day of Fall

Today was the first day of fall, so I’m guessing that’s why today’s prompt was “autumn.” It actually felt like fall today too. It was cold(ish), windy, and rainy. I decided to shoot the decrepit shed in my neighbor’s backyard. I’ve sort of been obsessed with that shed ever since we moved here. Over the last 15 years or so I’ve watched this shed age as it’s been left completely unattended by the neighbor. I have sketched it many times in many different mediums, and since I started dabbling in photography I’ve photographed it many times too. There’s always lots of moss and lichen growing on it which makes it feel autumnal to me, even in the middle of summer.

Staging and lighting: I went outside, once again armed with a broom to clear away any potential spider webs in my path. This time it was merely precautionary though, since it had been raining fairly hard all day and the spider webs had mostly washed away by then. I was trying to wait until it was lighter out, but it was still pretty dark by 1 pm so I figured it was as light as it was going to get. It was still actively raining when I took the photo.

IMG_5190 IMG_5193

Instagram edits: cropped, tilt-shift vertically, Hefe filter with border

Computer edits: cropped, decreased exposure, increased contrast, increased yellow, decreased green

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto

The Hefe filter was able to add a nice warm glow to the photo that made the whole thing look even more autumnal than the original shot. I tried to imitate it with the computer editing, but it just didn’t turn out as nice. The light coming through the trees was dulled down too much in the computer edited photo, while the tilt-shift in the Instagram made it glow.


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