Photocalypse: The Bluest Blue That Ever Blued

Today’s prompt was “blue” so I decided to do a full photo shoot of the bluest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s a skein of indigodragonfly Merino Single Lace in the colorway TARDIS.

When this skein showed up at my house I think I ended up staring at it for at least 5 minutes straight before I was able to put it down…and then I kept coming back to it to stare some more. It’s so hypnotically blue I had a hard time looking away! It’s the first skein I’ve ever considered NOT knitting with. I sort of wanted to buy a museum-quality display case for it and set it up in the middle of the living room with spotlights on it so I could just admire it instead of knitting with it. I think I’ve snapped out of it by now. I’m planning on turning it into a Rock Island shawl at some point in the near-ish future, but I may get gun-shy when it comes time to actually wind it into a ball. We’ll see what happens.

Staging and lighting: I braved the spider-infested outdoors for these photos. I went outside with a broom to clear a path to the side yard. I ran into at least five spider webs along the way. They’re trying to encase our house in webs. Creepy bastards. I set the yarn up on the fence between our house and the neighbor’s house. The photos were taken at about 10 am on a very cloudy day and (as always) surrounded by trees. The three photos I took are the only visible breaks in the canopy from the side yard.

IMG_5068 IMG_5067 IMG_5066 IMG_5065

Instagram edits: cropped, tilt-shift diagonally, Lo-Fi filter and border

Computer edits: cropped, enhanced, increased blue just a smidge, increased sharpness, increased saturation until it resembled the OMG BLUE that it looks like in real life

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto

This was a hard one for me. When it comes to photographing yarn and finished projects I get VERY SERIOUS about color and texture accuracy and Instagram is not exactly the right platform for that type of photography. I tried to just edit it as a regular photo and not as a YARN! photo, but I just couldn’t do it. My top priority in picking the Instagram filter was to get the blue right and the Lo-Fi filter got pretty close, though it darkened the skein a bit. Following the rules I set for myself at the beginning of this challenge, I chose the photo I was going to Instagram and comparatively edit just by evaluating them on my phone. I picked that one because I was able to crop out some of the more distracting background elements within the square confines of the Instagram frame and it looked like a clear photo. When I reviewed the photos on the computer I realized that the one I picked for Instagram would not have been the one I would have picked if I had seen them on my larger computer screen. It’s a bit fuzzy. I did my best to counteract that by sharpening the image, but that has a tendency to make the photo look grainy. I was able to get a pretty good representation of the color with the computer edit though.

Since photographing yarn is such serious business for me I went ahead and edited the rest of the photos I took. From the angle I chose for the Instagram, here is the photo I would have picked if I had seen it on the computer:


It’s much clearer! I didn’t have to sharpen it at all. As you can see, I crop my images differently on the computer than I do in Instagram, so those distracting background elements that weren’t a problem in Instagram are still a problem here. It fits the thumbnail image size for the Ravelry stash page much better though. That is the ratio and size I keep in mind when cropping photos since that’s where the vast majority of my photos end up.

When choosing from all of the shots, this is my favorite:


I was able to get the blue just right in this photo! On my screen this is exactly what the skein looks like in real life. Isn’t it glorious?


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