Photocalypse: All About the Lincolns, Baby

Today’s prompt was “need” and lately I’ve been seeing lots of great de-stashes on Ravelry and have been in need of funds to buy them!

Staging and lighting: This one was taken in my mother’s bedroom which only has an overhead light, like my sister’s. Her walls are painted a much lighter color though. I lightly taped a $5 bill to the red cityscape painting.


Instagram edits: cropped, tilt-shift circular, lux, Hudson filter and border

Computer edits: cropped, enhanced, increased contrast, increased definition

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto

For once I found a use for the circular version of tilt-shift – in this case it highlights Lincoln’s face and combined with the lux function, the angle of photography, and the right filter it makes his face look like it’s popping out of the bill! There were a couple of filters that seemed to produce this effect, but Hudson seemed the most pronounced to me. I tried using the edge blur in iPhoto to create the same effect, but it just looks like crap. The edge blur effect is pretty much useless. I demand a tilt-shift button!


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