Photocalypse: Friday the 13th

Today’s photo prompt was “number,” and being Friday the 13th I knew exactly which number to use!

Staging and lighting: I went in my sister’s cave for this one. The only lighting in there is the dim overhead and the walls are super dark. I put a row counter on her shelf (it’s empty because it’s only used as a cat highway). It’s so dark in there that when I took the first shot the flash came on! I had to turn off the auto-flash to get the photos.


here's what the photo looks like with the flash

here’s what the photo looks like with the flash

Instagram edits: tilt-shift horizontally, lux, Sutro filter, border

Computer edits: cropped, enhanced, edge blur x7, increased blue, decreased saturation, decreased exposure a lot, decreased shadows to the minimum, increased definition to maximum, increased contrast

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto

I tried to edit the photos to look somewhat ominous. The filters in Instagram were actually able to do some really cool stuff with this picture and it was hard to choose just one! Some of them made the colors look really bright and happy, the black and white filters made it look pretty neat, and the Toaster filter looked awesome! I picked Sutro because it made it look dark and moody without obscuring too much detail. I did my best to duplicate that feel in iPhoto and had to go through A LOT of edits to even get close. I really wish there was a tilt-shift function in iPhoto. There’s a “blur edge” effect, but it’s circular instead of horizontal bands and it looks pixelated and weird. I like the Instagram better.

Edit: Apparently this is my 113th post too! PERFECT!

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