Photocalypse: Stitch Markers

I decided to just try out every single room in the house to test their photography potential. I haven’t tried the bathroom yet, so that’s where I went for today’s photo: stitch markers.

Staging and lighting: The bathroom has vanity lighting above the mirrors, so it is well-lit, but the lights are pretty high up and only on the one wall. I hung my stitch marker ring on the handle of one of the cabinets and opened the cabinet door until the most light was hitting the stitch markers.


For the Instagram, I cropped it close and used the Nashville filter with a border.

For the computer edits I just did my usual routine – crop, enhance, increase blue.

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto

The bathroom has some pretty decent lighting! I do have to say one thing about the Instagram filter though…I like what the Nashville filter does to the photo, but the border is just weird. I could have gone without the border I suppose, but I like having a border! The photos look kind of weird without them in Instagram. I just wish I could get a border with that filter that doesn’t have a bunch of numbers on it.


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