Photocalypse: Puff o’clock

Sometimes a project can fit into very neat intervals of time. A row that takes exactly 10 minutes to knit, a pattern repeat that takes 5 minutes to get through, a stripe of color that lasts for 30 minutes. Today’s photo prompt was “time,” so these are the things that came to mind. Hexipuffs represent an especially tidy amount of time – 45 minutes. In other words, for every single episode of most shows I watch on Netflix I can complete one hexipuff.

Staging: same as the “on the table” shot of my disassembled yarn bomb, except I held up the hexipuff under the lights instead of laying it on the table (which is still covered in yarn).

For the Instagram shot I zoomed in a tad so the puff filled the frame more, used the vertical tilt-shift function (the water droplet thing) and adjusted the blurred sections so they weren’t covering the puff (turns out you CAN move them around!), used the Lux setting, the Mayfair filter, and the border.

For the computer edit I cropped it, enhanced it, and increased the blue until the wall was no longer gray-brown and looked more like it does in real life.

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto

This was hard to pick a filter for in Instagram. None of them looked quite right. I just went with whatever showed the most range of color and conveyed some of the brightness of the yarn. The computer edited photo is much better.

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