Photocalypse: Disassembled Yarn Bomb

I’m blogging super early/way late at night again because I’m heading out of town in the morning. Today’s prompt was “on the table” and I had just finished picking through my stash to find yarn I could use for an upcoming yarn bombing operation. I needed to take a photo anyway for my project page, so I’m killing two birds with one stone for this one.

If you’re wondering what a “yarn bomb” is, I’m sorry I don’t really have time to fully explain it in this post. It’s sort of like knitted graffiti, but not illegal (usually). I’ll do a full write-up on it at a later date, perhaps after I’ve finished my portion of this yarn bomb so I can show you pictures.

Staging: All the yarn was laid out on the table in my bedroom that I usually have my light box set up on. I turned on 3 of the lamps for added lighting because my overhead light is so dim.


For the Instagram version I used the lux function and the Sierra filter with a border.

For the iPhoto edited version I broke out my “serious editing” eye since this photo will be on the Ravelry project page. I didn’t really need it though – it required very little editing! I just cropped it to match the Instagram, used the enhance function and increased the exposure a bit. The colors look pretty accurate!

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto


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