Photocalypse: Night Blogging

Sometimes I get crazy ideas at night. Sometimes those ideas turn out to be a fabulous spark of creativity, and sometimes they’re just too weird to actually work. I’m still not sure which category this idea falls into.

The next prompt for the Instagram challenge is “door” and I’m not sure why, but the first door that popped into my mind was the garage door. The garage creeps me out because it’s been completely overrun by spiders, so I thought maybe I should try to get a creepy photograph of it. “Creepy” is not my usual photography style, so I decided to just do the exact opposite of what I usually do and see what happens.

I enabled the flash on my camera and went outside in the dead of night without any lights on in the middle of a rainstorm. There wasn’t even any moonlight to see by, it was pitch black. I opened the garage door slightly and snapped a few pics.

For the Instagram photo I was forced to crop it to show only the top section of the door. I wanted the whole door in the frame, but it was really hard to see what I was doing in the dark. I used the Lux setting (that’s the little sun icon – I looked up what it’s called) and the Hefe filter with a border.

For the iPhoto editing I had stumbled onto completely new territory…I have no idea what to do with myself if I’m not correcting for color accuracy or clarity. I fumbled about with all of the buttons until I settled on the following edits:

I cropped it to match the Instagram, increased the definition to the max, used the boost effect x3, fade effect x1, and edge blur x4.

iPhoto editing

iPhoto editing

I still don’t know how I feel about this. They both look odd to me. I sort of like the Instagram more because it almost looks more like a painting than a photo. Neither of them really seem to convey the creep-fest that is the garage.



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