WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Ducky Progress Report

You know, when I posted this morning I forgot that the sun rising means that it’s tomorrow. Or today. Whatever, the point is, it hadn’t hit me yet that today is in fact WEDNESDAY and not still Tuesday. Let’s have a Ducky progress report!

When we left off, I was coloring Ducky’s spine. I stopped bothering to update you on it because it took approximately eleventy-billion years to finish it. It would have been easier to cover the little spine bumps if I had made them in the dark green instead of black, but at the time I was worried about running out of dark green wool. In retrospect I would have had plenty of wool to work with. Covering all those bumps with green while maintaining their shape is HARD. Even as I continued outlining the rest of the dark green area and filling it in I kept coming back to the spine bumps and finding areas that still had black peeking through.

IMG_4276 IMG_4348 IMG_4351 IMG_4368 IMG_4372

Finally after I finished coloring the body things started to get interesting! I began building Ducky’s lower jaw. Partway through this process I realized I had sort of unconsciously been building it anatomically. I started with the bone structure of the jaw.


Then I started connecting it together with tendons and muscle.


Next I made the tongue and started on the skin.


Until finally I had a complete lower jaw!


At this point I had to pause and consider how I should proceed. I had two options that I could see; build the rest of the head on the lower jaw and attach it to the neck when I’m done, or attach the lower jaw to the neck now and build the rest of the head from there. If I built the head first and attached it to the body later I would have more freedom to manipulate the head as I add in more detail, but I might have trouble making a solid bond with the neck and I would run the risk of screwing up the proportions. If I attach the lower jaw to the body now and build the rest of head while attached to the body the head was sure to be attached to the neck in the most stable way possible and it would be easier to maintain the correct proportions, but it may be harder to get the level of detail needed if I have to fight with the whole body rather than just a small head.

I decided the risk of having a disproportioned head that wouldn’t stay up was too much to bear, so I attached the lower jaw to the neck and started building up the back of the head.


For the base of the head I had used a core of white wool because it’s so much easier to layer color onto than the black wool. I started running low on the white wool though, so for the crown of the head I decided to use some of the leftover dark green wool as the core. I also started filling a few of the gaps with some previously felted bits of white wool.


For the upper jaw I went back to using the black wool as the base because for this section I knew I would have to layer on the final colors pretty thick anyway.


So there you have it! I’ve set the other felting projects aside for now because Ducky is coming together pretty quickly now that the body is finished!

7 thoughts on “WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Ducky Progress Report

    • I’m glad you like it! I’m also really glad you requested it – I have seriously learned SO MUCH from building Ducky. By the time I’m done I’ll be a needle felting master!

      • I’m relieved that you’re enjoying making it and learning things about needle felting from it, because reading the updates about her, I have sometimes felt guilty that she’s taking SO much work.

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