All Hail the Glow Cloud

I happened to look up from my computer this morning and noticed the backyard was bathed in a softly glowing yellow light. I’m told this is due to a phenomenon called “the sun” which has a tendency to “rise” approximately once per day. Upon further inspection, the softness of this light was due to it being diffused by a layer of clouds, evidenced by a slight drizzle.

I decided to test out the photography potential of this strange new light source.

Staging and lighting: I just threw a dishcloth down on the pavers in my backyard. It was about 7 am.

IMG_4646 IMG_4647 IMG_4648

For the Instagram photo I tried every single edit tool and filter available, but none of them looked as good as the original photo. It’s completely unedited!

Once I got it up on the computer though, it looked a bit too soft and hazy so I did make some changes. I enhanced it, increased the exposure a tad, decreased the yellow just a bit (mainly to see if I could get true color in this light), and decreased the saturation to pre-enhancement levels (sometimes the enhance button over-does it).

edited with iPhoto

edited with iPhoto

The result is actually a very accurate color representation! Good to know that early morning light obscured by clouds is a great light source. Too bad I’m not usually up at this time.


4 thoughts on “All Hail the Glow Cloud

    • So I’ve heard. I just didn’t think I could take advantage of this magical light due to all the trees surrounding my house. I guess they don’t obscure as much as I thought. 🙂

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