The Lazy Photographer

I know, I know, I was supposed to post yesterday. I do have WIPs, but they either haven’t been very exciting to look at or I haven’t had the time or energy to photograph them properly. I would have to actually clean off my table so I could set up the light box and right now I feel like my time is better spent actually working on my WIPs rather than photographing them. That doesn’t mean I haven’t taken any photos though…

For the past couple months I’ve been participating in a craft-along thread in the Lazy, Stupid, and Godless group on Ravelry (warning: if you click the link prepare for foul language and such). The basic premise it to do something crafty (anything, really) every day and post a picture of your progress. If you’ve been bad and haven’t done anything you can post cute animal pictures instead. However, as I stated earlier, light-box photography has been a bit too much work for me lately, so in order to post my daily progress I’ve had to lower my standards a bit.

One day, I was so lazy I didn’t even want to get up from my armchair to find a decently lit spot to shoot my WIP, so I just stuck it on my laptop keyboard. I’m sure I’m not the first person who’s ever discovered this, but I was surprised to find that the light from my laptop screen is a pretty nice little light box substitute! Behold, the laziest photography:

IMG_4378 IMG_4251 IMG_4127


Step 1: stick whatever thing you can’t be bothered to shoot properly on your laptop keyboard.

Step 2: make sure you’re screen is showing something relatively white.

Step 3: tilt the laptop screen down slightly to aim the light at your object and snap a few photos.

Step 4: crop out your PJs and make slight adjustments to the color in a photo editing program (I usually need to make my photos more blue and less yellow).

It only take about 5 minutes to get the best, laziest photographs of your projects posted to the internet!


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