FO Friday: Penguin!

I finally found some black seed beads and some beading needles so I could finish the needle felted penguin! Here’s how I made the eyes:




  • two black seed beads
  • black thread
  • beading needles





I put the needle through one side of the head where the eye should be and made sure it exited out the other side where the other eye would be. I threaded the bead and then put the needle back through the head trying to follow the same path as closely as possible. I left the ends dangling out of the eyeless side of the head.



I repeated this process for the other side, always trying to keep the threads along the same path through the head.



On each side all of the threads are entering and exiting within a very small area that could be covered by the size of the bead.



Then I tied the ends together in a double knot, making sure to pull the bead in so it indented the head a little.



I cut the loose ends as closely as I could without disturbing the knot.



Then I repeated the process for the other side, tying the knot behind the bead that had already been pulled taut.



I trimmed the loose threads as closely as I could so that the bead would hide the ends.



Any loose threads still visible could be tucked in with the needle.


Now for a 360° view of the finished penguin!

IMG_3208 IMG_3201 IMG_3196 IMG_3228 IMG_3223 IMG_3213 IMG_3224 IMG_3230


I will packaging up the penguin and shipping it out as soon as I find a proper box for it!


4 thoughts on “FO Friday: Penguin!

  1. Wow, I was feeling kinda bad for giving you a “boring” little white kudama as my felted toy. Now I feel pretty okay about it–you have enough complicated projects! 😉

    • The kudama isn’t boring! I rented Princess Mononoke so I could see them in action and they’re super cute! Basically one color, sure, but they’ve got lots of shapes going on. I’m looking forward to getting started on it!

      • I love Princess Mononoke! And yes, the kudama are supper cute (if you think of a way to get its head to rattle, then so much the better 😉 ).

        Will you put your process pictures up on your blog? Cuz I’d love to see that!

        • Oh yes, there will be process pics! I’m not sure I can get the head to rattle specifically because that could make it too top-heavy, but I think I can get the body to rattle.

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