WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Where the Yarn Ball Ends

I was so close. I was one row and a bind off away from finishing, and then it happened. I ran out of yarn. It’s a knitter’s worst nightmare. To go through all that work only to come up short at the very end. It finally happened to me.

It happened with Frank Lloyd Wright, George R. R. Martin and Mondrian Walk Into a Bar. I didn’t take any new photos because it really wouldn’t look much different from the last one I took, so here it is again.



The only difference is that the bottom edge in the photo now has a partially finished black border attached to it.

I probably should have seen this coming. The yarn ball was getting pretty light and each row was 431 stitches long. I ripped back the last row so I could measure the yardage used. Each row uses about 9 yards of yarn. The bind off uses more yarn than a regularly knitted row, so I usually assume the bind off will use twice the amount of yarn. That means I need approximately 27 more yards of yarn to finish this pattern.

Now I have to figure out what to do about my tragic yarn shortage. I have several options

  1. Beg for yarn on the internet. The only problem with this plan is that the yarn I need is indigodragonfly, naturally. People don’t let go of their indigodragonfly yarn lightly, and it’s not a color that a ton of people seem to have on this base. According to the stash search on Ravelry there are exactly 2 other people who possess that particular color on that particular yarn. Also, there’s no guarantee that someone else’s yarn will match mine. Different dye lots can yield different results. I already posted on the ISO thread on the indigodragonfly forum, but no luck so far.
  2. I could bind off the edge after 8 rows instead of 10 and then frog the other side so I can do the same (having borders of varying thickness would just drive me insane).
  3. I could try to match up one of my Canon Hand Dyes black heel/toe skeins with the color and texture of the indigodragonfly Merino Sock and finish the edge up with that. It would have to match very well though, or else it would drive me nuts. Yes, I AM that particular.
  4. I could buy another skein from indigodragonfly and hope it matches. It is just black, but as I mentioned before, different dye lots can yield different results.

Later I will explore these options. For now, I weep.



5 thoughts on “WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Where the Yarn Ball Ends

  1. I saw your request, and I have the colourway, but in the Merino Nylon Sock and the MCN Sock, not Merino Sock 😦 I so wish I could help! I hope you find what you need.

  2. I hate that! I obsessively over buy yarn for each project to avoid this. Which means I’ve ended up with this weird stash of extra yarn that I don’t need once the project is done

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