WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Roundup

I haven’t started anything new since the last post, but I have made progress on a few projects. Here’s what I currently have on the needles:

Hemlock Reflections – a test knit for Linda Choo

Since I first blogged about it last week I’ve completed the top part of the shawl, picked up stitches for the edging, and completed the first edging chart.


Look, more beads!


Sunstruck – a mystery KAL by Laura Aylor

I first blogged about this one several weeks ago, and since then I’ve finished the first two clues of the pattern!

Sunstruck Day 14

I had to put it on hold for a bit though because the test knit uses the same needles I was using for this project. Two more clues have been published already, but it will just have to wait until I’ve finished with Hemlock Reflections. Soon, Sunstruck, soon…

All the Shades of Truth – more fun with Laura Aylor

I blogged about this one way back in March, but I’ve made considerable progress since then. I finished with all of the interior colors and just have to finish up the edging!


All three of these projects have something in common – they are all using yarn from indigodragonfly. To be fair, Sunstruck will end up using yarn from at least 3 other dyers, but so far it’s all been indigodragonfly yarn. I may be a bit obsessed.


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