WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Testing

This week I am test knitting a design by Linda Choo! She is April’s Artist in Residence at Shall We Knit and has created a lovely lace shawl design using indigodragonfly MCN Sock or indigodragonfly Linen Silk. The pattern is called “Hemlock Reflections.” If you want to know more about what Linda has been up to during her residency, you can read about all over Ravelry: there’s a thread in the indigodragonfly group, another one in Linda’s fan group, and Linda set up a project page describing the program.

As a test knitter I will be knitting the pattern exactly as written and reporting any hiccups in the pattern. If the instructions are confusing or if the stitch counts aren’t working out the way they’re supposed to the test knitters will be able to pick up on that and the designer can correct the pattern before it is published. It’s like proof-reading, but with yarn.

I am knitting the two color version of the pattern with indigodragonfly MCN Sock. The blue is called “Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey, Spacey-Wacey Stuff (Doctor Who)” and the dark purple-black is called “My Boyfriend Had a Bicentennial (Buffy).” I love mixing fandoms with yarn!

Timey-Wimey and Bicentennial

I cast on last night and am already through the first section. Did I mention it has BEADS?


I am so glad to be able to help prepare lovely pattern for publication, and I’m always thrilled to be knitting with MCN Sock! Seriously, this yarn is heaven.

By yarnologist

I'm a former wannabe scientist turned fiber arts fanatic. Follow me as I attempt to turn my amateur hobby into a professional career!


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