WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Puffin’

I’ve finished a lot of projects lately, which means I’ve been adding to my hexipuff pile. Here are all of the hexipuffs I’ve completed since I last posted about it. All of them used leftover yarn from projects I completed.


One leftover skein of yarn had a very long color repeat, so I made sure to knit hexipuffs through the entire color sequence.


All in all I’ve knitted 39 hexipuffs since the beginning of February.


That brings my total up to 94 hexipuffs.IMG_1625

Yay, progress!

6 thoughts on “WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Puffin’

    • Probably around 500 or so. Once I start getting closer to the 400 mark I’ll start laying them out and see how many more I need. I want this to be able to cover my twin-size bed.

  1. Such great colours in your puffs! Each little ball of my leftovers always seem to yield too many puffs for a really great assortment of colours (although maybe when I near 400 it’ll have all evened out).

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