The Lying Gauge Swatch Strikes Again

So I finished knitting the second fingerless glove of Kalix a couple of weeks ago. As I discussed in a previous WIP-Cracking Wednesday post, I was having some gauge issues. I got through the second glove as quickly as possible, and much to my delight they turned out to be same size! I gave myself a nice pat on the back and then put them away for my customary 2 to 1 billion weeks hibernation until I finally decide to block them. Today I took them out of hibernation.

I gave the mitts a nice bath, rolled them up in a towel to squeeze out the water, and then prepared to hang them up to dry. Once I had them hanging side by side I noticed something, and then spent the next five minutes desperately trying to un-notice it. Unfortunately I was unable to continue denying reality, so I took them down and placed them directly on top of one another to confirm my fears. One was bigger. Very noticeably bigger.

I KNOW they were the same size before I washed them because I compared them like this right after I bound off the second glove. They were absolutely the same size. I had my mother try them on together and she reported that they felt the same size. I measured the gauge on both mitts and they were identical. Alas, now that they had been washed, one was bigger. Let me reiterate a maddening detail from my previous post: I washed my gauge swatch like a good little knitter. It LIED.

I hadn’t planned on putting these on my hand blockers because I thought they would be too small to fit over the thumb, but I decided to try to stretch the smaller one over it in an effort to block some sense into it.


The bigger one I hung up on a line with clothespins along the side so I don’t accidentally stretch it out more than it already is.


I really don’t know whether my desperate blocking gymnastics will result in these mitts being the same size. I don’t even know whose hands these will fit once they are dry. Only time will tell…

What I do know is that I am going to learn how to knit things 2-at-a-time so I can avoid scenes like this in the future:


Dry faster, you ornery little accessories! I want to know what I’m going to DO with you.



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