Felt-A-Thon Is Back On!

I’m back! Sort of. I’m still pretty fatigued from the cold, but I managed to get some felting time in between naps.

The penguin has a tail now and can stand up on his own!

tail and beak

The rest of the progress is difficult to see. The body is 100% done, but during the process the head got a bit misshapen. During the initial shaping I didn’t make the head dense enough to take a beating. The beak was particularly flimsy and I realized there was no way to do any detail work on it unless I firmed it up first.

I had absolutely no idea how to do this, so in the same spirit I have been using for all of my needle felting adventures, I just tried stuff and hoped it would work out. I took a small bit of wool, wrapped it around the beak, and started felting it in place. I stabbed myself twice in the process, and it took a lot of patience, but eventually it came together! The beak is now ready for detail work! Next up is the head.


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