WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Two By Two, Hands of Blue

I started these gloves a year ago intending to have them done in time for winter. Now winter’s almost over. Whoops.

indigodragonfly Merino Sock - Blue Sun Corporation

indigodragonfly Merino Sock – Blue Sun Corporation

It all started with this lovely skein of yarn. Given the name – Blue Sun Corporation – I knew it HAD to become some sort of hand accessory. Then I found this pattern: Gallifrey, and my geek heart skipped a beat. I decided to blend the two fandoms and knit some Doctor Who fingerless mitts out of my precious Firefly yarn.

Gallifrey WIP 1

After swatching for gauge (like a good girl) I cast on with my 2.0mm Blackthorn DPNs. This was back before I had fully embraced Continental knitting, so I started knitting these English style. My English knitting is way tighter than my Continental knitting, so I was glad for the indestructible carbon fiber Blackthorns. Especially with all the cabling, which only made the stitches tighter. Since my knitting was so tight, it was slow going. My hands could only take so much of these teeny tiny super tight stitches before they started screaming for some worsted weight.

Gallifrey WIP 2

It was at this point, right before I was supposed to start the edging for the top of the fingerless glove that I discovered I had barely used one fifth of the yarn! I decided to add fingers to the fingerless mitts and make my very first pair of gloves! Thus, Giving Gallifrey the Finger was born. I downloaded a free glove pattern so I could follow the finger instructions and soldiered on.

Gallifrey fingers

To figure out how long to make each finger I just kept trying on the glove as I went. As soon as my stitches were 2 or 3 rows away from covering the tip of my finger, I decreased and bound off.

I’m not quite sure what triggered it – perhaps it was the endless merry-go-round of small circumference stockinette – but with 3 fingers completed, I just lost interest for a few months.

Eventually I picked it up again, finished the last two fingers, and cast on for the second glove. Unfortunately, when I started having my computer-related hand pains I had to put them on hiatus again.


This is where the gloves currently stand. I’m nearly ready to start increasing for the thumb gusset. Perhaps they’ll be ready for next winter.


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