WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Time Traveler’s Edition

I am giving you a glimpse into the future. This WIP doesn’t exist yet. I’m not allowed to start it until Friday because it’s for a knit-a-long. I AM allowed to swatch for it though! In a shocking twist, it is NOT a knitting project. I will be crocheting for the first time in years!

It’s kind of hard to explain my preference for knitting. I learned how to crochet long before I learned how to knit, but it never really caught on for me. There’s nothing wrong with crochet and I will defend it to any naysayers who try to claim it’s inferior (and there are some very opinionated crochet-haters out there, which just baffles me). I think part of the reason I haven’t done much crocheting is because there seems to be a lack of attractive crochet designs out there. It’s rare for me to come across a crochet pattern on Ravelry and instantly think “WANT!”

Thankfully, the tide seems to be turning. When the indigodragonfly Giftapalooza patterns came out (now available to everyone!), Eye of the Storm grabbed my attention immediately. Shockingly, it was the only crochet pattern in the bunch! Now there’s a Giftapalooza KAL happening, so I instantly went digging for my hooks.

I really liked how the colors seem to blend in the sample shawl, so when I went stash diving I looked for a pair of colors that could give a similar effect. This is what I came up with:

indigodragonfly Merino Sock in "Only the Exact Phrase I Used was 'Don't'" - Inara and Ruxpinosferatu (April 2012 club colorway)

indigodragonfly Merino Sock in “Only the Exact Phrase I Used was ‘Don’t'” – Inara and Ruxpinosferatu (April 2012 club colorway)

The darker Ruxipinosferatu will be the inside color, and Inara will be edging color.

Next I started swatching, both to figure out what hook size I wanted to use and to see if I could remember how to crochet. Once I got the first row done I had to stare at the stitches for about ten minutes before I figured out where the hook was supposed to go next. Eventually I busted through the cobwebs in my brain and remembered how crocheting works. I made two swatches – one with an E hook (what the pattern calls for), and one with a G hook (since I seem to be missing the F hook).

top swatch is with E hookbottom swatch is with G hook

top swatch is with E hook
bottom swatch is with G hook

The E hook produced a nice solid aesthetically pleasing fabric, but was a bit too stiff. The G hook produced a fabric that looks a little messier (it always bothers me when fabric is just a little hole-y, but not so hole-y that the negative space looks like a design element), but it feels fluid and soft and fabulous.

I think I’m going to go with the airy G hook swatch this time. I want to wear this shawl when it’s done, not just stare at it. Now I just have to sit on my hands until Friday.

1 thought on “WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Time Traveler’s Edition

  1. I used to associate crochet with the strange doll/toilet paper covers my grandma used to make. But lately, I’ve seen some amazingly beautiful crochet creations that just can’t be made with knit stitches. The problem is that I’m pretty sure that the patterns I want to recreate in crochet are advanced and it will take me forever to figure out how to make them…

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